Song & Song X Paramotor Frame

Paramotor Frame Song & Song X Material:Titanium Frame Dimension:  Song(L1420mm X W300mm X H1420mm)                       

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Paramotor Frame Song & Song X




Frame Dimension:  SongL1420mm X W300mm X H1420mm

                               Song X (L1440mm X W300mm X H1440mm)


Propeller:Max. 1300mm propeller.


Fuel Tank:Plastic 12L Tank or Aluminum 24L Tank


Harness: Pssible assembly all brands of harness


Fuel line:Professional fuel line with mini primer pump


Engine:Could assembly almost brands of paramotor engines


Weight:Song 3.2kg & Song X 4.1kg


Defult Assembled:12V-36V battery voltage indicator,2pcs mini switch